UNIpress is  an international multilingual publishing house.

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Graphic design. Some things are just perfect, they look good and feel good. They ask for a second glance and are difficult to put aside. They seem familiar and fresh at the same time and it is hard to tell where the impression comes from. Is it a fluency of a text, softness of a paper, warmness of a typeface, brightness of photos or a new breathtaking style of drawings? Let’s say that this is harmony. This is an ability to listen to each other, letting ideas to fly around until they settle down in a perfect way to serve the same goal.


Printing services. Printing market tends to move from one region to the other according  to price, quality and logistic offers. We have gained a lot of experience with printing houses in Europe, therefore we can share our careful selection with you and offer the best quality with reasonable price. There is no need to give up your wishes, we can help you to realize ideas that have always seemed too expensive or difficult to achieve. We are used to work in different styles, with multilingual texts and different alphabets.


Self publishing. Have you ever thought about publishing your own poetry book, memoirs, fiction or a result of your research?  Self-publishing has never been easier -  we have developed full range of expert services to work with your ideas:

Professional editing service – we can use all our know-how to help you to get the best out of your book. Nobody has born as a writer. The only way to become a writer is start writing and let professional people help and support you.

Translation services – we have an impressive network of experienced translators as we are daily publishing in different languages. We can assist you in getting to bigger markets.

Creative designers – eager to develop your ideas into visual form.

Reasonable printing costs – we are using trustable printing houses in Europe to offer you the best quality with good price.

Please tell us about your needs and we’ll find the best solution for you.



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Teemme vuositasolla noin 50 kirjaprojektia ja julkaisukielinämme ovat suomen lisäksi englanti, saksa, viro, tanska, ruotsi ja venäjä.

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